Club RV

How Club RV Works

Joining as an individual:
1. Contact Radio Veritas by emailing or calling 079 243 6725 and request Radio Veritas to contact you in order to register your details. Alternatively fill in the form.
2. Radio Veritas will confirm your club member status and provide your membership number and banking details.


Joining as a group:
1. Identify people who would be in your group
2. Agree on the monthly amount individuals will be able to contribute.
3. Nominate the group administrator (this is the person who will deposit the monthly cumulative amount donated by all the group members).
4. Contact Radio Veritas with your group members details and group name or fill in the form.
5. Radio Veritas will confirm your club member status, provide you with your membership number and banking details.
On a monthly basis Radio Veritas will share information about the total money collected vs target (money due to the service provider).
An Annual Club RV Thanksgiving Session will take place towards the end of the financial year.


BANK DETAILS: (Please arrange stop order for your contributions)

Bank: Nedbank
Account Name: Radio Veritas
Account Number: 1913 296 067
Branch Code: 187505
Reference: Club RV membership number and your name


For enquiries: email: or call: 079 243 6725