IMG 3735Fr Emil Hangs up His Microphone after 17 Years

After 17 years of presenting the morning drivetime show on Radio Veritas, Fr Emil took the painful decision of hanging up his microphone on the morning show. Very much a morning person, it meant getting up at three every morning to be on air at six.

Unfortunately, due to his present condition of chronic inflammation of the peripheral nerves (CIDP), it became increasingly apparent that he needed more rest, and those early hours of the day seemed critical.

The morning of the 11th of May was full of emotion and tributes as he bade farewell to his faithful listenership. It was a farewell and a celebration. 17 years at the morning show is indeed a long time. Throughout these years the show was always produced by Olinda Orlando, without whom Radio Veritas would not be where it is today. Father Emil paid tribute to the entire team, especially to his technical producer Siphiwe Moloi and Tiiso Mosoeu. For many years his news anchor was the seasoned presenter, Colin Yorke, who very often was called Fr Colin! It’s all very well to have a five-minute newscast with audio clips but people should realise that news is hours of work and for this we are tremendously grateful to Olinda Orlando who sacrificed many recreational hours to bring our listeners up-to-date news.

From the 14th of May the morning programme, Matins, is being hosted by Khanya Litabe and Colin Yorke and produced by Olinda Orlando.

Father Emil will continue as director of the station and will continue presenting some programmes, like the Sunday mass and As the Sun Sets. He will also have a weekly slot in the morning show.

Men in Christ

On the 1st of May the Men in Christ who present a programme on Radio Veritas every Thursday evening, held a fundraising event on the property of Jose Aguiar In Roodepoort. Everything on the day was sponsored, including a huge marquee which accommodated more than 600 people. The day began with the celebration of mass, concelebrated by about six priests and a Deacon. Immediately after the mass people wasted no time in removing the chairs and replacing them with tables for the braai/luncheon. It was truly a professional programme with everything being sponsored. The Men in Christ are a group of dedicated men who love their faith and get on with what has to be done. They walk the talk. Every parish would benefit tremendously from having a group like this to rely on. At the end of the day there were many tired people but in the coffers they had raised over R326,450. Well done Men in Christ. Any parish interested in starting such a group should contact Albert De NOBREGA on 0828219585 or Carlos CAMARA 0824025319. Be forewarned: Men in Christ mean business!!

Radio Veritas buildingRefurbishing of Radio Veritas building

The home of Radio Veritas is co-owned with the Knights of the Gama. At present, the three storey building is receiving an up-to-date renovation. This is thanks to the Knights of the Gama who have provided the necessary funds. All we need now is some generous person to provide us with a lift!! The renovated building is worth a visit.

32215442 1403041689798334 663081828822810624 nFr Emil Blaser Hangs Up His Morning Mic

By Erin Carelse - Southern Cross

After 17 years, Fr Emil Blaser OP hung up the microphone on his Radio Veritas morning show “Matins” on May 11, with many past interviewees paying tribute to South Africa’s radio pioneer.

Over the years, Fr Blaser has interviewed hundreds of eminent people including bishops, nuncios and ambassadors, and got to know many people who have become his friends.

He said one of his greatest joys has also been the collaboration with The Southern Cross, which has championed the radio station through its long struggle to receive a broadcast licence.

Radio Veritas broadcasts in Gauteng on 576AM, as well as nationally on DStv audio channel 870, and streams its content on

The Dominican priest also looks back with great joy to the ordinary people he has interacted with on Radio Veritas.

“Much time on my morning was devoted to events in parishes. We have given much time to St Francis Centre in Boksburg and Little Eden. We have promoted the donation of water to drought-stricken areas and sanitary towels for young girls who would otherwise not be able to go to school. We successfully appealed for somebody to donate a kidney.”

While Fr Blaser is leaving the morning show—where he is succeeded by Khanya Litabe—he remains as the station’s director. He will also present the daily devotional programme “As The Sun Sets”, which is pre-recorded, and is available to stand in for absent presenters.

Leaving the morning show means that he has more time to focus on funding Radio Veritas.

CBFCatholic Business Forum Inaugural Lecture

The Catholic Business Forum invites you to its inaugural lecture for Catholics in Business and Industry.

The lecture, to be delivered by Reserve Bank Governor Lesetja Kanyago, will take place on may 31 at 17h00 at St Augustine's College. 53 ley Road, Victory Park, Johannesburg.

What is the Catholic Business Forum?

In 2015 an anonymous source leaked 11.5 million documents that detail financial and attorney–client information for more than 214,488 offshore entities.

These Panama documents, some dating back to the 1970s, were created by, and taken from, Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca. The documents contain personal financial information about wealthy individuals and public officials that had previously been kept private.

While offshore business entities are legal, reporters found that some of the Mossack Fonseca shell corporations were used for illegal purposes, including fraud, tax evasion, and evading international sanctions. 

The breaking of this world story (and later the many other stories involving businesses especially in South Africa) brought to the fore the importance of adequate pastoral responses when it comes to issues of national and global importance. 

The most important tool of pastoral reflection and response is engagement. The Church, its people and ministers, are compelled to formulate for those Catholics in these industries, forums where and through which they  can be accompanied in their daily work.

Following several conversations with Catholics in business and industry it was felt that there needs to be a forum where Catholics can formulate a comprehensive pastoral response which goes beyond just pastoral statements. A forum where matters of industry can be measured based on their ability to serve the common good.  Through facilitating issues of business ethics, ethics in public life, philanthropy and a deeper spiritual understanding and meaning of being a Catholic Christian in industry the Church will be making a more direct intervention in response to the social ills and virtues found in South Africa and in the African continent.   The forum is also a tool through which the Church can offer pastoral care to its members in business, industry, government and other professions.  

Our Vision

The Catholic Business Forum is a forum which is comprised of women and men who strive to apply the principles of the Catholic faith to their daily lives in the marketplace. We seek to strengthen our Catholic faith by sharing professional experiences, fostering business ethics and social responsibility, and promoting community service.

Our mission

The mission of the Catholic Business Forum is focused on establishing a  dynamic association of businesses and persons to support each other in integrating our faith and work based on Catholic values especially the Catholic Social Teachings.CBF aims to achieve its objectives through:

  1. Promoting Education informed by Catholic ethos:
    a. Education for those who are disadvantaged.
    b. Creating opportunities for empowerment and skills development for youth and those who are on the margins of opportunities 
    c. Facilitating and promoting the teaching of ethics in institutions of learning 
  2. Facilitating joint philanthropic efforts as Catholics in business and industry.
  3. To create a platform for networking and Catholic to Catholic support,
    a. Events: Breakfast Meetings, Lectures, think tanks etc.
    b. Formulating a directory for Catholics in different industries
    c. Erecting other Chapters across the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference territory.
    d. Developing relations with other Catholic business formations across the world.
  4. To provide Pastoral Care (to deepen spirituality)  for professional persons, those in business, government and Industry
    a. Annual Retreat and Days of Recollection
    b. Spiritual Reading
    c. Spiritual Direction
  5. To be active in the life of the Church
    a. By belonging to a parish community

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